Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Z & Y Chee

Eventhough they were with us just for a short time(they left), their presence are still commerable. Who could forget Zhe Chee's bubbly attitude and corky manner. With her awkward sense of humour added random acts that leaves us wanting for more. She'll never let us have a moment of silent as she fills the air with her livelyness. As for Wai Chee, her calm and collected persona caught the heart of the class(not to be mentioned...hehehe ask my sis, Bobo) Her serene expression and her thoughtful gestures only leaves us with a sweet memory of her. Together they instill the Z & Y effect hahahahha joking2.....But still, once a part of H6P3, forever a part of our hearts.....

1 comment:

  1. why suddenly talk bout me and zhi chee?? lolx~ ur compliments are highly appreciated.. hahaha.. btw, why ask ur sis? regarding what?