Saturday, November 28, 2009

Judgement Day

It's me Daus, last wednesday the results came out.Many jump for joy while others cried silently in the corner. For us here in KMM it's a life and death situation. Seriously!! If we get low scores we could, let me rephrase that, we will be expelled. We were all relieved that our class was not on the chopping block this time. It was very tiring, since we have to resolve matters concerning our future. This is not a game guys, it's life. This is the time where friends are at upmost importance. It's actually nice to have someone to talk to in your time in need. So, don't lose hope. I'll be rooting for you guys~~~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

its me, now known as eese.
ur former prctcm class mnitor.
jst stop by 2 say hye,
jgn lupe print tutor eh, haha.
nxt sem krg akn ade ktua prktikum bru, n hope d person will lead us well...i mean better.
ps2 nak wat bju prktkum sbb tau2 je la ade yg nak brambus en, so do it ASAP.
doa je r yg xrmai kuar trutama yg laki...huhu, bsan r ku klu jdi cm2.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Break~~

Why don't we all go to Times Square this Saturday...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Hi guys, it's me again. The guys seem to forget that this is a group ( a group means a body of people involve in a particular agenda ) and i repeat a group blog. It's just the right time to say Selamat Hari Raya to all. If there were any wrongdoings that i may done conciously or not i hope that you'll forgive me!! Don't forget to bring lots of kuih raya and hopefully duit raya (especially for me hahahahahah)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Check List!!

It's me again, Fifir. Well i thought it would be quite convenient if i paste the checklist for the school work? Umm, sorry "college work" that would have to be completed and submitted at the end of our seemingly short break.First there is the Math tutorial exercises, yes form chapter 1 to chapter 4 including the past year questions(yup, referring to you Datin Rad). After that, the biology assignment. Let me say this, Each member have to contribute, you cant just pick a member to do the whole folio. Yes, it is handwritten you cannot type it, so throw away your Apples and Notebooks(laptops that is). There's also a the issue of presenting our work in front of the class. I think that's all the work that has to be done, well the important ones i guess. No need to thank me, K chao......

Semester Break~~

It's me Fifir.The other day, well to be exact last saturday. Me a several of the class went to TS(Times Square that is). Zhe che did'nt come and wai chee too.They went home for the weekend i think. We also asked steven to come but his cousin had to work that day. So, we're left with aiman and aqilah(the original Datin heheheh). Aiman got a fever, poor aiman. Maybe all that KAKUM-ing got the best of him.We were setting on going at about 8~10 am like that, but unfortunately got up around 12 pm hahahah. Me,alang and khalish went by car to the LRT station and bla bla to TS. We were scowering around to find any sign of life(any living classmates that is), when suddenly Alang's friend,or girl friend( well she is his friend and is a girl so Datin don't be hatin' on us hahahahha) called saying to meet them at movie ticket counter.I thought, wah finally we can all meet up and get something to eat...EEEKKKK!! Wrong! There's like about 3 ticket counter in there, and I was like What! and Khalish was like OMK...hehhee. To make the story short, there we were waiting,waiting and waiting some more.Then, out of the blue, Datin came around with her friend. Alang was jumping with excitement hahahaha(not really, he was like "Hey, there's aqila", in a calm and controlled manner). We finally meet alang's friend, Izaz and the ticket counter with her 2 friends. Alang using his manipulative skills was able to persuade them to not buy any movie tickets.Go alang!! We went window shopping for a while, until Izaz's friends wanted to go to KLCC(to watch a movie? Yup, that's right).They left Izaz for us to look after until they get back from there.Babysitting service? I don't know what to call it.
In the end, we went to McD to grab a bite. It was reasuring to see that there we were finally getting something in our mouths and a place to sit....we were walking like ages, I think. After that we went to a couple of places like KLCC and etc. I'm to tired to tell you guys about it,but it was fun to see them again. We escorted? i mean accompanied the girls home before going to Shah Alam getting a guitar for Khalish's gig. The KTM was late as always( the train was delayed about almost 40 minutes i think). Like Datin Rad would say, KTM blank**. Back to the main story, we went to Khalish's friend place around 12 am i think. We bought some oblong burgers, Yeah!They actually sell oblongs here. There were also ostrich,lamb,deer and the all time favourite rabbit burgers hahhahahhaha(imagine eating the rabbit burgers,simply irresistable hahaha). We got home by taxi which cost us about RM30!! But, it's all in a days work for us. That's all, till we meet again.Buh bye

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm Back

Umm, can someone help me? Pleaseeeeee. The thing is that person gave my name to Ms Shy for the story telling competition(Terasa ke?) Certainly as you guys know me, I haven't started anything yet related to the story i'm gonna present after the break....MONDAY!!. Help! Anyone have any idea on the story, it's about independence(well not literally independence, but close). Any ideas or suggestion on the story, or better yet give me a sample story.It could be of your own creation or taken from the internet. If u guys know my email send it there, if not just mesej me on the main idea of the story. Thanks, bye....... ^ . ^

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

terbang serindit di tepi kuala,
hinggap sebentar di tepi perigi;
bio assngmnt pun belum mula,
tutor maths apetah lagi.

hinggap sebentar di tepi perigi,
nampak berlenggang si anak nyonya
tutor maths apetah lagi
assngmnt agame xusah la tanya

nampak berlenggang si anak nyonya,
sambil memegang buah bacang
assngmnt agame xusah la tanya
firfir, bila nak bincang?

sambil memegang buah bacang
pn. mazlah memotong kentang
firfir, bila nak bincang?
lpas cuti nnti kita kena bentang.

antara tanggungjawb n pershabtan..

which 1 would u prefer???

datin radh kembali!!!


first skali,thanx daus sebab menayangkan vid yg mnyebabkan pminat2 dan penghuni fan club aku btambah dan membuak2 banyaknye.. (dendam)

seperti yg dpt dlihat ye,

sy begitu lemah lembut dan sopan santun...

malu ah..


mish korang cuti ni!!!!!....

btw..ade sape2 nk siapkan tutor math aku????
aku byr!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Me Again~~

It's me Fifir,umm the highlight for tonight is the post on saturday 18 july 2009 posted by none other than me. The delay is because the video processing was seriously long.So i saved the post in the draft until the process was completed. Umm, like i promise you guys i will put up some of the nicknames i've received since my short stay in KMM. My roomates calls me kiddy it was given by my roomate, qayyum(imah kenal lah yum nie) my old highschool friends calls me fido , khaliz calls me firfir, zhe chi calls me adik coz she is my sister after all, finally there are others such as pidot,daus,firdous,fi da uh and a miscellaneous of other names(there are so many i dunno if we got enough space for it). For the record, i hate people calling me kiddy, but we can't stop other people mouths from blabbering on and on about this. Since everyone have been putting pictures on this blog i guess i have to as well, (zhe chi been pestering me on putting my own pic) . Here is my pic.I think that i've gotten a bit overboard with the selection for the pic,but who cares(Datin Rad's famous quote) hehehehe. Umm, for other members, i dun wan you guys just posting 1 or 2 post until the end of the break. Be creative. If you guys want your 30 seconds of fame, just wait for other videos in my arsenal of machiavellian tactics in pursuing you guys in posting. Heheheh gelak setan. K, i think that's all for today. Till we meet next time. Umm, by the way, my official colour on this blog is green, yeah i pick it first.
A friend is like a warm breeze, it gives us so much joy when it comes and a sense of loss when it leaves us......

Sunday, July 19, 2009

kak ly plak nk ckp..!

ehem2..askum sume..wah pandai la kiddy kte wat blog tuk klas kan..hehe
anyway nthing 2 say coz dah mlm..cma nk pesan happy holiday n have a nice 4 it..jgn lpe hmework..dh mlm ni..nk titon..huhu..luv u all.. muaahxx..

Here comes the king!

from left; cik saadah, hamimMAH!, wai chi, aiman, zhee chee, datin, ME
pic courtesy of wai chi.

Now it's my turn 2 speak up.

1st of all, firfir dont post my "not so handsome" pic on d blog.(luckily ive removed it) so i want 2 be known on dis blog as Mr. Haunted. hey, whre's zhi chee's profile on fb? couldnt find it.

anywy, at 1st our prctcm had 25( i think) students. Now, when cik saadah left us 2 go 2 egypt, dat make our numbers down 2 18. what am i trying 2 say here is dat, we all miss ones who were with us in the prctcm ; steven, aqilah aka datin, hazirah, rina, zhi chee, wai chi, and all.(elie is exceptional) haha. did i miss anyone? N also most welcome d new ones, like aiman and also 'come and go' like cik saadah. :'( huhu. not to worry, i'll b fine. N thx 2 aiman 4 owing my 5 bucks, n asked me 2 give his mc 2 en. ruslan b. achok. i thought u hurt ur leg, but y on d mc u wrote rashes? anywy, best of luck 2 aiman n KMM contingent 2 KAKOM. rise 2 the occasion! hoho. n congratz 2 VI marching band dat won world comp in italy.(sempat lagi puji skula) datz all,

two three cats running-running,
which one is the spotty;
2gther h6p3 is smthing,
without one we r nothing, really.

p/s : firfir, i think u should change ur name 2 kiddy haha

Ehem2!!My turn..

Dah2..aku perlu hentikan taktik fifir yang cuba memporak-perandakan bahasa Malay kite..aku aku rasa fifir dah post byk sgt "art' dia..actually nothing to say..but aku just nak luah perasaan aku mengenai h6P3..ok2..1stly--masa aku 1st jejak kaki kat dalam kelas dinamika,aku dah nampak masa depan aku akan gelap kat matrix..coz kelas 2 cam kelas murid2 bisu+pekak..sengoi je..(cam xde feeling la) time past--environment started to change..semua dah dpt 'grab' cne tanak tensen ble kat matrix..aku mula rasa happy ar..yg pekak n bisu semua dah kembali normal tatkala keadaan mngizinkan..
Tapi part paling best is semua cam anggap dah adik beradik n semua cam understanding ssgat..of coz ada few this and that but normal la..maybe kowg yg bukan asal H6P3 baca,akan rasa cam aku nak promote kelas..bajet good facts laa..aku rasa sendiri..
OK..mgkin ada yang cakap dalam kelas kitorg ada clan means cam--aqlily,qaliz,fifir,alang,radh,amin,aiman..hello!!no clan2 k..kitorg dalam kelas ok jek..jgn wat spekulasi k>>i xske..
dats all..adoyai!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


It's me Fifir. I was just about to sign out before i've noticed that i haven't post any videos yet, hehhee. Which one should i post ehhehee. Rad and Khalish must be hiding their faces right about now. Let me just post the latest on i've got. It's about Rad promoting her "fan club" (sarcastily speaking). She will hate me for this but, who cares( as she would like to say). In this video you can see, familiar faces such as Alang, Khalish and of course Rad. The girl siting next to Alang is Ily (Ily does not stand for I Love You) as she likes to say it. She was one of our practicum mate ( wah a new word i've created) before she change her course, and yes it got nothing to do with Rad's and her anger issues ahahhahahhaha. Finally, at some point in the video and at the end of the video you guys will see me, Fifir (It's actually Firdaus, but several of my friends call me this). Later, i will unveil a list of names i've got from my friends. Later, ok. Actually the site does not exist...( as stated in the vid) I just want to see Rad's annoyed face heheheehehe. She got a number of admirers.Just wait until they see her true nature, that's a first. I think the application forms will sell( terjual ke?) like hot cakes. RM 1000, who would! Other videos about our class will be posted in the future after several screening processes and other related agendas. Furthermore, (wah i've just use a sequence connector, Ms Shy must be really proud of me by now hahahahahaha). I hope Zee Che and Wai Che will see this soon, I'm sure they will laugh hysterically. Later, I will send them the link to this blog( in later i mean right now hahahahhahahahah, take that rad). Still editing, until this god forsaken video gets uploaded.This must be my longest post ever and i mean ever. Boredom + A Grudge Towards Rad= One Freakishly Long Post hahhahaha. I haven't laugh this hard since ever. Maybe I should add some advertisment links, get some revenue. What do you guys think? Feel free to comment about the video and the people in it. And people, please no autographs hahahah kidding just kidding. We are free to send signed postcards or posters. What am i writing now! Running out of ideas......Come on , upload already !!! My hands are getting tired from writing, well actually typing( this is a computer based program right). Owh, I just move on toward editing my facebook account. OK guys, see you later. Feel free to leave any comments, but watch your languange, this is a public blog there a minors. Maybe in the next couple of days i will post again,but for now, this is what i have to offer. Leave a lot of comments if you guys want more of this stuff or thing or whatever.


Wah, we meet again. I don't know what but i just in the mood to post a lot today. Yes, it's me Fifir(really hate this name that khaliz gave me). Well nevermind, i'm gonna give you guys a glimpse of Alang our class monitor.

He's like a one man band or a travelling circus which spreads joy and gave us a lot or things to laugh about or laugh at hheehehe. He's from VI(Victoria Institution) which he takes a lot of pride of. He is very friendly and open minded, you talk about a range of topics from the lattest gossip(Datin Rad's specialty) ,politics, religion and ect, you name it. He is approachable and can sometime be a little cheeky. Or maybe that's just me??.Well, who cares . If I were to describe him, i think it's will not fit this page. Umm, what to do, what to do. I know!. If you guys were to describe Alang in 3 words what would it be? You can relate the stuffs you mention with a particular situation or for members with related pictures........

Khalish oh khalish~~

It's me again, Fifir . For some apparent reason the other authors have not yet post anything.... lazy bunch of good for nothing...opss, i mean maybe they're just busy with their work. Back to the point, i'm gonna show you guys some of the people in our class for example Aizat Khaliz or i would like to class him Khalish which he think is very annoying for me to call him that over and over again....hehehhe(messing with people is fun, you guys should try it and see for yourselves) . It's not like i cant type in bahasa, it's just that i've come accustomed to it. In my left is Khalish, don't be fooled by his face. you will know later if you get the chance to meet him. He is wacky,fun to be with,outgoing and totally "over" ( if you know what i mean) sometimes or all the time..heheheh don't be mad Khalish~~

The World (does not) Revolves Around Rad

Hi it's me again,Firfir (aiman said to use this name), today i want to talk about Datin Rad, she's sorta like the class (clown) representative. She unveils to you about what our class is all about. Different,colourfull and just plain crazy..... Almost everyone in our class are photoholics (extremely obsess in taking lots and i mean lots and lots of pictures) ,or like Datin Rad will call it "photogedik". Later i will add a section dedicated to her so you guys can spill anything you have about Datin Rad, leave comments and for the other members you guys could also post pictures relating to her....and the related "incident".As you see on your right is the famous(infamous) Datin Rad . I know you can just feel the sinister energy emmited from her.......(scary mah) heheheh , don't tell Rad hahahhaaa

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Post

hi nie firdaus, ini adalah post yang pertama secara rasminya(habis yang sebelum nie haram ke?). Hari nie baru habis kertas Math. Macam #$%^*** soalan dia tapi bolehlah buat skit.Jadi kitaorg pun kluarlah beramai-ramai melepaskan stress(geram) dgn membuat blog nie,hehehehhe.Murni nak kluar lepas UPS, jadi nie last week dia........ (tiba-tiba atmosphere jadi sedih).Apa boleh buat, takkan nak rantaikan si Murni tu kat kolej tak bagi dia kluar huhuhuh. Hari esok last day UPS,yeah . Jadi kita mesti enjoy ...... hehehe esok kan Datin Rad open table. Kpd mereka yg terlibat atau rasa2 dia muka tak malu meh join skali....K,sampai sini saja. Blog nie untuk bebudak h6p3 dan mereka yang berkaitan. Kalau nak post tu state nama skali, senang kitaorg nak detect sapa yang post.Akhir sekali, selamat datang kepada blog h6p3. Feel free to use the application provided...eheheh.BB


welcome all morons and retarded idiots, we are h6p3, a practicum filled with "special" and 'unique' people.For more updates please visit the nearest omk(Oh Mak Kau)