Saturday, July 18, 2009


It's me Fifir. I was just about to sign out before i've noticed that i haven't post any videos yet, hehhee. Which one should i post ehhehee. Rad and Khalish must be hiding their faces right about now. Let me just post the latest on i've got. It's about Rad promoting her "fan club" (sarcastily speaking). She will hate me for this but, who cares( as she would like to say). In this video you can see, familiar faces such as Alang, Khalish and of course Rad. The girl siting next to Alang is Ily (Ily does not stand for I Love You) as she likes to say it. She was one of our practicum mate ( wah a new word i've created) before she change her course, and yes it got nothing to do with Rad's and her anger issues ahahhahahhaha. Finally, at some point in the video and at the end of the video you guys will see me, Fifir (It's actually Firdaus, but several of my friends call me this). Later, i will unveil a list of names i've got from my friends. Later, ok. Actually the site does not exist...( as stated in the vid) I just want to see Rad's annoyed face heheheehehe. She got a number of admirers.Just wait until they see her true nature, that's a first. I think the application forms will sell( terjual ke?) like hot cakes. RM 1000, who would! Other videos about our class will be posted in the future after several screening processes and other related agendas. Furthermore, (wah i've just use a sequence connector, Ms Shy must be really proud of me by now hahahahahaha). I hope Zee Che and Wai Che will see this soon, I'm sure they will laugh hysterically. Later, I will send them the link to this blog( in later i mean right now hahahahhahahahah, take that rad). Still editing, until this god forsaken video gets uploaded.This must be my longest post ever and i mean ever. Boredom + A Grudge Towards Rad= One Freakishly Long Post hahhahaha. I haven't laugh this hard since ever. Maybe I should add some advertisment links, get some revenue. What do you guys think? Feel free to comment about the video and the people in it. And people, please no autographs hahahah kidding just kidding. We are free to send signed postcards or posters. What am i writing now! Running out of ideas......Come on , upload already !!! My hands are getting tired from writing, well actually typing( this is a computer based program right). Owh, I just move on toward editing my facebook account. OK guys, see you later. Feel free to leave any comments, but watch your languange, this is a public blog there a minors. Maybe in the next couple of days i will post again,but for now, this is what i have to offer. Leave a lot of comments if you guys want more of this stuff or thing or whatever.


  1. Wah, aku boleh jadi cameramen laa... pandai jugak aku merakam(mcm ade pengalaman je) hehehhe .Khalish jgn fikir bukan2.Tak suka.