Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here comes the king!

from left; cik saadah, hamimMAH!, wai chi, aiman, zhee chee, datin, ME
pic courtesy of wai chi.

Now it's my turn 2 speak up.

1st of all, firfir dont post my "not so handsome" pic on d blog.(luckily ive removed it) so i want 2 be known on dis blog as Mr. Haunted. hey, whre's zhi chee's profile on fb? couldnt find it.

anywy, at 1st our prctcm had 25( i think) students. Now, when cik saadah left us 2 go 2 egypt, dat make our numbers down 2 18. what am i trying 2 say here is dat, we all miss ones who were with us in the prctcm ; steven, aqilah aka datin, hazirah, rina, zhi chee, wai chi, and all.(elie is exceptional) haha. did i miss anyone? N also most welcome d new ones, like aiman and also 'come and go' like cik saadah. :'( huhu. not to worry, i'll b fine. N thx 2 aiman 4 owing my 5 bucks, n asked me 2 give his mc 2 en. ruslan b. achok. i thought u hurt ur leg, but y on d mc u wrote rashes? anywy, best of luck 2 aiman n KMM contingent 2 KAKOM. rise 2 the occasion! hoho. n congratz 2 VI marching band dat won world comp in italy.(sempat lagi puji skula) datz all,

two three cats running-running,
which one is the spotty;
2gther h6p3 is smthing,
without one we r nothing, really.

p/s : firfir, i think u should change ur name 2 kiddy haha

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