Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Semester Break~~

It's me Fifir.The other day, well to be exact last saturday. Me a several of the class went to TS(Times Square that is). Zhe che did'nt come and wai chee too.They went home for the weekend i think. We also asked steven to come but his cousin had to work that day. So, we're left with aiman and aqilah(the original Datin heheheh). Aiman got a fever, poor aiman. Maybe all that KAKUM-ing got the best of him.We were setting on going at about 8~10 am like that, but unfortunately got up around 12 pm hahahah. Me,alang and khalish went by car to the LRT station and bla bla bla...got to TS. We were scowering around to find any sign of life(any living classmates that is), when suddenly Alang's friend,or girl friend( well she is his friend and is a girl so Datin don't be hatin' on us hahahahha) called saying to meet them at movie ticket counter.I thought, wah finally we can all meet up and get something to eat...EEEKKKK!! Wrong! There's like about 3 ticket counter in there, and I was like What! and Khalish was like OMK...hehhee. To make the story short, there we were waiting,waiting and waiting some more.Then, out of the blue, Datin came around with her friend. Alang was jumping with excitement hahahaha(not really, he was like "Hey, there's aqila", in a calm and controlled manner). We finally meet alang's friend, Izaz and the ticket counter with her 2 friends. Alang using his manipulative skills was able to persuade them to not buy any movie tickets.Go alang!! We went window shopping for a while, until Izaz's friends wanted to go to KLCC(to watch a movie? Yup, that's right).They left Izaz for us to look after until they get back from there.Babysitting service? I don't know what to call it.
In the end, we went to McD to grab a bite. It was reasuring to see that there we were finally getting something in our mouths and a place to sit....we were walking like ages, I think. After that we went to a couple of places like KLCC and etc. I'm to tired to tell you guys about it,but it was fun to see them again. We escorted? i mean accompanied the girls home before going to Shah Alam getting a guitar for Khalish's gig. The KTM was late as always( the train was delayed about almost 40 minutes i think). Like Datin Rad would say, KTM blank**. Back to the main story, we went to Khalish's friend place around 12 am i think. We bought some oblong burgers, Yeah!They actually sell oblongs here. There were also ostrich,lamb,deer and the all time favourite rabbit burgers hahhahahhaha(imagine eating the rabbit burgers,simply irresistable hahaha). We got home by taxi which cost us about RM30!! But, it's all in a days work for us. That's all, till we meet again.Buh bye


  1. huhu..dis is ur real datin...hehehe...
    ak mmg hepi gler mase 2..
    bdk2 klas kite yg x pegi mmg rugi..
    yg pling99 ak suke dpt jgak lpas rndu kt bdk2 klas kite..
    fdaus lupe bgtaw..
    kitorang ikut khalish shoping..aduh mak ai..
    lame 2..
    lpas 1 1 kdai msuk..
    dri time square smpai klcc..
    last2 x de yg dier bkenan..
    ak x dpat shoping..
    we r really have so much fun at dat time..
    especially layan krenah diorang (tmasuk datin sndiri) yg gler2 mbuatkn ak lbih2 laaa hepi..
    nnt nk kuar ajak ak skali k..
    miz my h6p3 classmate so much..
    love u all..

  2. Gemuk's SISTERAugust 1, 2009 at 1:44 AM

    oh my lil bro... rm30... u do'it again~ hahah... slamat x jlan kaki~ lagi!~