Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Me Again~~

It's me Fifir,umm the highlight for tonight is the post on saturday 18 july 2009 posted by none other than me. The delay is because the video processing was seriously long.So i saved the post in the draft until the process was completed. Umm, like i promise you guys i will put up some of the nicknames i've received since my short stay in KMM. My roomates calls me kiddy it was given by my roomate, qayyum(imah kenal lah yum nie) my old highschool friends calls me fido , khaliz calls me firfir, zhe chi calls me adik coz she is my sister after all, finally there are others such as pidot,daus,firdous,fi da uh and a miscellaneous of other names(there are so many i dunno if we got enough space for it). For the record, i hate people calling me kiddy, but we can't stop other people mouths from blabbering on and on about this. Since everyone have been putting pictures on this blog i guess i have to as well, (zhe chi been pestering me on putting my own pic) . Here is my pic.I think that i've gotten a bit overboard with the selection for the pic,but who cares(Datin Rad's famous quote) hehehehe. Umm, for other members, i dun wan you guys just posting 1 or 2 post until the end of the break. Be creative. If you guys want your 30 seconds of fame, just wait for other videos in my arsenal of machiavellian tactics in pursuing you guys in posting. Heheheh gelak setan. K, i think that's all for today. Till we meet next time. Umm, by the way, my official colour on this blog is green, yeah i pick it first.
A friend is like a warm breeze, it gives us so much joy when it comes and a sense of loss when it leaves us......

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