Saturday, July 18, 2009

Khalish oh khalish~~

It's me again, Fifir . For some apparent reason the other authors have not yet post anything.... lazy bunch of good for nothing...opss, i mean maybe they're just busy with their work. Back to the point, i'm gonna show you guys some of the people in our class for example Aizat Khaliz or i would like to class him Khalish which he think is very annoying for me to call him that over and over again....hehehhe(messing with people is fun, you guys should try it and see for yourselves) . It's not like i cant type in bahasa, it's just that i've come accustomed to it. In my left is Khalish, don't be fooled by his face. you will know later if you get the chance to meet him. He is wacky,fun to be with,outgoing and totally "over" ( if you know what i mean) sometimes or all the time..heheheh don't be mad Khalish~~

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  1. he is cheeky, and honest brave,handsome!!!miss he call me zee..hehe(im too kind to him but mean to my heart...lie a lot is not good for my heart, my mum said)....wakaka..miss you guyz lot and lot....i cant really find any guy that r so kind like u all HERE.... guy here are not like guyz....alien i guess..
    when u guy want to come and visit just inform me o...let me well prepared first...><
    anyway,juz to let sum1 know, i came to this blog b4...(chee-1)^^