Saturday, July 18, 2009

The World (does not) Revolves Around Rad

Hi it's me again,Firfir (aiman said to use this name), today i want to talk about Datin Rad, she's sorta like the class (clown) representative. She unveils to you about what our class is all about. Different,colourfull and just plain crazy..... Almost everyone in our class are photoholics (extremely obsess in taking lots and i mean lots and lots of pictures) ,or like Datin Rad will call it "photogedik". Later i will add a section dedicated to her so you guys can spill anything you have about Datin Rad, leave comments and for the other members you guys could also post pictures relating to her....and the related "incident".As you see on your right is the famous(infamous) Datin Rad . I know you can just feel the sinister energy emmited from her.......(scary mah) heheheh , don't tell Rad hahahhaaa

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