Saturday, July 18, 2009


Wah, we meet again. I don't know what but i just in the mood to post a lot today. Yes, it's me Fifir(really hate this name that khaliz gave me). Well nevermind, i'm gonna give you guys a glimpse of Alang our class monitor.

He's like a one man band or a travelling circus which spreads joy and gave us a lot or things to laugh about or laugh at hheehehe. He's from VI(Victoria Institution) which he takes a lot of pride of. He is very friendly and open minded, you talk about a range of topics from the lattest gossip(Datin Rad's specialty) ,politics, religion and ect, you name it. He is approachable and can sometime be a little cheeky. Or maybe that's just me??.Well, who cares . If I were to describe him, i think it's will not fit this page. Umm, what to do, what to do. I know!. If you guys were to describe Alang in 3 words what would it be? You can relate the stuffs you mention with a particular situation or for members with related pictures........

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  1. this is new is it?
    so i guess its not too late for me to
    say welcome to this arena of blogosphere where everyone is a talker..ngeh2
    btw, i peek at the photos below n deeply in shocked cuz i saw that freaking-scary-evil-looking girl aka radh..hahaha
    please dun tell her..
    looking forward for ur update..
    gudluck guys =)